New Year’s Resolution: Volunteer

It feels good to help others and that’s why so many of us chose the resolution to volunteer; it could be to give blood or bone marrow or other such things or it could be to give money or time to charitable causes that mean something to you.  Inside I’m Dancing follows two disabled young men as they embark on a mission to find their own independence.  Along the way they employ Siobhan who, whilst not a volunteer, finds a vocation she had never considered.  The realistic portrayal of a carer, good times and bad, could be seen as inspirational.  Not only does the film contain a lot of poignant and incredibly emotional moments, it has plenty of laughs as the two lads have many japes and scrapes.  It’s the selflessness of volunteering that seems most inspirational.

One to watch: Inside I’m Dancing

Further viewing: Philadelphia; Schindler’s List; The Hurricane; Good Will Hunting; My Left Foot; Talk to Her; The Sea Inside; To Kill a Mockingbird; The Miracle Worker; Children of a Lesser God.

Avoid: Das Experiment


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