New Year’s Resolution: Education

Further education subscriptions are always boosted in January.  It’s a good time to decide to embark on a course of learning that you have either always wanted to do, but not had the opportunity or something that has become a passion lately.  More often than not further education for a New Year’s Resolution is something that does not involve seeking a career in the field; more like an extension of a hobby.  Again, the inspirational movies choices will be down to what sort of educational pursuit you wish to follow.  When I considered going to university as a mature student to study screenwriting, Taxi Driver inspired me the most.  Not necessarily to seek further education, but to inspire me to write.  For further education a film called The Paper Chase put me in mind of how a preppy life could be led.  But for adult education try Education Rita for inspiration.  Rita (Julie Walters) decides to go back to school to complete her education where she comes to be tutored by Dr Frank Bryant (Michael Caine).  Naturally things don’t run smoothly, but it does show the hard work required and the satisfaction found by further education which is quite remarkable for a movie. 

One to watch: Educating Rita

Further viewing:  The Paper Chase; Good Will Hunting; Dead Poets Society; Animal House; The History Boys, A Beautiful Mind; To Sir with Love; My Fair Lady; Billy Elliot.

Avoid:  187


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