Peru Travel Blog: A taste of…Inca Kola

This is the fizzy pop that is supposedly more popular in Peru than Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

For a start the disconcerting is how it looks: it doesn’t look like cola.  It’s bright yellow (almost luminous).

Secondly, it doesn’t taste like Cola: It’s very sweet and quite sickly.  I think that, basically, it is Ice Cream Soda, but it tastes much sweeter than that even.

Mine was ice cold and drank in the departure lounge at Puerto Maldonado where a cold sugary drink helped boost my energy and cool me down a little, so it tasted great.  I’d imagine in other circumstances it might be a bit too much and I won’t be in a rush to have another one.

I also get the feeling if you drank a lot of it all your teeth would fall out…so maybe it is more similar to cola than I thought!


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