Peru Travel Blog: A taste of…Pisco Sour‏

Pisco Sour seems to be the national drink of Peru.  It is given out as a welcome drink at many restaurants, although I must admit that those taste like a pre-mixed cocktail (like the small ready-made mixers you can buy in supermarkets).  So, I thought I’d wait until I saw a proper one made to review it.

 I was hoping for a brand new taste sensation, but something about the drink is extremely familiar to me.  It’s flavour is very similar to caipirinha which is not a massive shock as caipirinhas are very popular in Brazil (also in South America).

 A caipirinha is a blend of sugar cane rum, sugar and lime.  Pisco sour is Pisco (a colourless brandy brewed in Peru), lime juice, simple syrup, bitters (as in Angostura, although apparently many types of bitters exist and egg whites.

 So there are a few similarities.  I did not realise Pisco was a brandy, it hardly tastes like one to me.  And although the lime does battle it out with the syrup, I would say that the drink is more sweet than sour.  If you compare to a whisky sour, for instance, it is not even in the same ball park.  A really interesting part is the inclusion of egg whites that are blended enough to become frothy but not so long it becomes meringue.  Watching the barmaid crack the eggs over the blender and drip the egg whites in was a little unsettling and the finished cocktail is nice in its own way.  I think I prefer caipirinhas – they seem more refreshing, but on the whole I enjoyed it.  So much so, I bought a bottle of Pisco and some ready-made sour mix to bring home so, I have just realised, I can recreate the taste of those welcome drinks!


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