Peru Travel Blog: A taste of…beer

Cusquena is available in most supermarkets in the UK and is marketed as “the gold of the Incas”.  It’s a lager and is very nice in my opinion.  I did wonder if Cusquena was actually a gimmick beer, i.e. one not actually drank where it is purported to come from, but it is actually the most popular and widely available beer in Peru.

 Cristal is a rival brand and is also very nice (I don’t think I would pass a blindfold taste test).  And the bonus of drinking Cristal is that you can emulate Jay-Z (before he started boycotting it) without paying Cristal champagne prices!

 Cusquena is brewed using spring water from the Andes.  The same spring water that held religious significance for the Incas which I guess makes drinking it a religious experience!  It is nice and goes to your head quite quickly (as all alcohol does) at altitude.

 I think that in the UK we only get the small bottles.  In Peru they have Cusquena Grande, which is a litre, I think.

They also have various types of Cusquena:

Happy to say I tried the dark which was not dissimilar to Newcastle Brown Ale.  And there is also a Red.


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