Peru Travel Blog: A taste of…Alpaca‏

Alpaca is like a smaller version of a Llama…

Yum can call me Al..paca

Generally known to be used for their wool, they also get eaten in Peru.  I had an Alpaca stir fry with rice.  The Alpaca pieces resembled beef in looks, texture and taste and it went deliciously well with the rich stir fry sauce (almost like a reduced gravy) and peas, tomatoes and potatoes.  It seemed a little richer than beef which made me think of Venison, but it was not rich enough to resemble Venison more than beef.  It was also a little chewy which could have been down to the cuts used or the way it was cooked or perhaps that’s what Alpaca is like.  The rice I had with it resembled sticky rice that I had in Vietnam.  It was a tasty dish, but didn’t make me crave for Alpaca although I would eat it again on my trip.


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