Travel Blog Peru: A Rum Diary‏

During my trip to Peru (to walk the Inca trail and visit the Amazon rainforest for those who may have missed earlier entries) I kept a diary or travel journal as the cool kids call it.  I had a pretty good idea that I would not have much access to the internet whilst away, although a smart phone or tablet may have done the trick – I had no such technology, so I went for the old school pen and paper.  I did decide to tweet when I could: my phone can text to twitter and read replies and mentions, but not log onto it properly.  I know, I need a new phone!


As previously stated this sort of ruins the element of suspense that there may have been for those wondering if I made it back alive.  Obviously I did, or I wouldn’t be writing this now.  A Blair Witch style hoax of my notebook being found by explorers in the jungle seemed a little too far-fetched, and too much like hard work, to pull off.


I did my best to write every day and I pretty much stuck to that only having to catch up a day or so a couple of times.  A lot of it was written using a headlamp for light and my handwriting is shocking.  I have chosen to publish the journal in almost its entirety – I will perform some editing on it as I write it up, but I will pretty much stick to what I wrote at the time as that will best capture the moment that I wrote it.  If you’re looking for a pseudo Rough Guide or Lonely Planet style read then you’ll be disappointed.  I will cover some facts and specific details, but this is really one man’s thoughts as he embarks upon, what is for him, the trip of a lifetime.


The blog entries will be dated with the date from the journal and I hope to give each a witty title based upon movies…although this could become very Alan Partridge.  I have already considered and decided not to use David & Peru Go Large…so you see what I mean.


If you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed living it, then I will be delighted and possibly a little shocked.  But I hope you enjoy it all the same…it’s one hell of a trip!


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