Pre-Machu Nerves!

With less than 2 weeks to go till my trip to Peru I am getting a bit nervous.  I prefer to call it nervous excitement because it’s not as though I am dreading going or even scared about the trip.  It’s more like the usual pre-holiday nerves that I get and it’s more to do with the logistics of the trip than anything else.  I recently experienced a similar feeling when travelling for work: I had to visit 2 countries in 3 days and had trains, planes and automobiles to consider (but none of the comedy misadventures).  Leading up to the trip I found myself getting quite nervous: again it wasn’t anxiety about visiting clients or the purpose of the trip; it was the logistics of ensuring that I was at airports, train stations, hotels, meetings, etc on time and with no fuss or hassle.  I think it was the fact that there were many parts to the whole trip that made me feel nervous that I may get one part wrong and affect the rest of the trip.  However, once I got started the nerves disappeared and my focus shifted from the whole trip logistics to the next piece coming up.  On many a training course the “how do you eat an elephant?” metaphor crops up and the answer “cut it up into tiny pieces” actually rings true. [no elephants were harmed in the writing of this blog].

So I’m reminding myself that once the trip begins, I will be fine.  My other concern is what to pack: I’m not foolish enough to only now be considering what to pack – I have read many websites and garnered much advice to make sure I have the basics.  Now I need to decide what else to take and if what I already have is enough to see me through 2 weeks.  I guess the nervousness starts to creep in again because of the element of the unknown – I haven’t done any real hiking before, let alone enough to require camping over night and I have never really been at altitude other than a short spell driving through Colorado.  I have to become pragmatic about my packing (in the same way a lot of people are when packing for a holiday) and repeat the mantra to myself “as long as I have my passport, insurance and other travel documents and money, I will be ok”…I guess I should add to that list, insect repellent, altitude sickness tablets and malaria tablets too!


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