Blogging all over the world!

Having ruled out lugging my laptop with me.  I am looking into upgrading my phone to an iphone or some other such natty device that can allow me to update the blog on my travels.  If that does not seem feasible either, I will have to do it the old fashioned way.  I.e. take a journal and write my entries as I go, typing them up onto the blog when I get home.  Although this rules out the element of suspense as to whether I get through this alive (unless someone types it up for me posthumously following the discovery of my journal), I don’t really intend to put my life at risk enough to offer that level of suspense anyway.

During my trip across America I would write most of my blog entries in notepads and then transfer them to the blog anyway.  It gives me the chance to jot things down that I might otherwise forget later on and although I was able to update my blogs most days in America, I don’t think having to wait a couple of weeks for my entries to start appearing will be too much for anyone to bear.  Unless, I’m seriously underestimating this blog’s audience and they thrive on my up to the minute reporting!


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