New Year’s Resolution: Spend more time with family / friends

We’ve all done it: said that we would call or meet up in the New Year, only to find its Christmas before you know it and you end up saying the same thing again.  We all know how important family and friends are, but what movies would inspire you to pick up the phone and make that reunion happen?  I’m not one for watching Christmas movies out of season, so either get in early and watch It’s a Wonderful Life over Christmas or watch Stand By Me at any time.  Stand By Me encapsulates what friendship is all about; you may “bust each other’s balls” and have rows, but sometimes you need a friend who will tell you how it is and not dress it up or hide it because that’s what friends are there to do.  And if you find yourself in trouble, they will be there too.  The film doesn’t just walk the fine line between comedy and drama; it skips along it singing Lollipop.  It will make you reminisce about far less exciting times in your life than a quest to see a dead body, but you will remember the friends not the plot and that should help you make that connection again.

One to watch: Stand By Me

Further viewing: It’s a Wonderful Life; The Lion King, The Grapes of Wrath, National Lampoon’s Vacation; Toy Story; The Big Chill; It; Terms of Endearment; Little Miss Sunshine; The Deer Hunter.

Avoid: Chinatown


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