New Year’s Resolution: Quit Smoking/Smoke Less

This is another regular and, hopefully, one that has the number of people declaring it reducing year by year.  Thankfully, this is one that does not apply to me.  Smoking has featured heavily in movies since motion pictures began.  Rarely do the consequences of smoking ever get a mention.  The Insider is based on the true story of Jeffrey Wigand, a tobacco company executive who turns whistleblower by featuring in a CBS 60 Minutes documentary and revealing the company’s intentional ploy to increase the nicotine content in cigarettes in order to ensure addiction.  The film directed by Michael Mann and starring Russell Crowe and Al Pacino covers the story and the court case the ensued.  Critically acclaimed, the film garnered seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Director.  The movie industry seems sadly bereft of films that choose to inspire people to stop rather than making it look cool.

One to watch: The Insider

Further viewing: Thank You For Smoking; The New World.

Avoid: Now Voyager or any 1940s Film Noir.


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