New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight/Get In Shape

This must be the most popular New Year’s Resolution and probably the one that seems to crop up every year. I don’t mind admitting that it is one of my resolutions for 2011 and I know that I will dip in and out of enthusiasm for going to the gym. It may be a cliché, but for me the Rocky movies 1 thru 4 feature some of the most inspiring training montages that will get you down the gym. I think that the most expiring is Rocky, as this features Stallone before he becomes ripped beyond belief and it realistically shows the grinding dedication and struggles that Rocky goes through to get ready for his first long shot at the heavyweight title. This is helped immensely by the use of the Steadicam (a camera system which is now commonplace throughout film and television). Garret Brown had only invented it shortly before Rocky was made, but director John G. Avildsen had seen the test footage and knew it would be perfect. And then there is the unforgettable score; “Gonna Fly Now” must be right up there with the Jaws theme and The Omen for instantly recognisable film themes. The Rocky Story CD which features Gonna Fly Now and all of the crashing soft metal anthems in all the Rocky movies is an inspiring collection to have on your MP3/iPod at the gym too.

One to watch: Rocky

Further viewing: Rocky II, III, IV; Run, Fat Boy, Run; White Men Can’t Jump; Enter the Dragon; Fight Club; Chariots of Fire; The Longest Yard (original version); Marathon Man; Personal Best; Blood Sport; Breaking Away; American Psycho; Glory Road; Supersize me.

Avoid: Chocolat


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