5 Films featuring…snow

Whilst trudging through a blizzard to get to the Post Office, I had time to think of 5 films featuring snow (avoiding Christmas films), so here they are:

#5: The Shining – Whilst snow isn’t the real star of the show it adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere of being stuck in the hotel.  Plus the excellent climactic scenes rely heavily on the white stuff.

#4: Jeremiah Johnson – Robert Redford may get top billing, but the real star is the Utah scenery so expertly presented.  So much so that Redford went on to buy up much of the land and now Sundance resides there.

#3: Misery – Another Stephen King adaption and the snow is used to a similar effect in terms of claustrophobia.  But it’s the snow that lands Paul Sheldon in Annie Wilkes’ lap in the first place.

#2: Let The Right One In – The atmospheric bitter winter of Stockholm add to the isolation of the two main characters for whom love blossoms in extraordinary circumstances.

#1: The Thing – John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing From Another World may have visual effects that look a bit dodgy now, but looking past that this is one of the classic sci-fi / horror films of all time.  “Man is the warmest place to hide”

Honourable mentions: Alive, Rocky IV, The Empire Strikes Back, The Eiger Sanction, OHMSS


5 responses to “5 Films featuring…snow

  1. Some others that need a mention:
    Billion Dollar Brain – Caine as Palmer even directed by Michael Winner is good.
    Wendigo – cool little horror movie.
    Trans Siberia – although it is ultimately ridiculous, the beginning is pretty good, as is the snow!

    • I’m on a roll now:

      Airport…well, without it we wouldn’t have had Airplane!
      Ice Station Zebra – good old espionage whodunnit
      The Last Winter – budget sci-fi/horror that works quite well
      Gorky Park – not sure I remember that much snow in it, but there must have been!

  2. Thanks to ■@MyCelluloidHero and how could I forget…Fargo

  3. Fargo is winning on our snow poll.
    but good choices.

  4. Great minds and all that, but not nec thinking of the same films: http://www.syfy.co.uk/blog/all-white-night-top-ten-snowbound-movies

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