This movie follows the story of Sam Bell, a guy who is reaching the end of his 3 year solitary stint as a mining operative on the dark side of the moon when things take a serious twist.

Its movie of 2 halves; the first half of the movie had me wondering what was going on, what the plot twists were and which of the characters, no matter how brief they appear, I believed; the second half, once the true story has been established, follows Sam Bell as he deals with the impending end of his contract.

Directed by Duncan Jones, perhaps more familiarly known as Zowie Bowie; son of David Bowie, and based upon his own original story, the movie invites comparison with elements of 2001: a space odyssey.  In particular the computer system GERTY voiced by Kevin Spacey has the detached air of HAL.

Essentially, the movie only contains Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey and Rockwell is by far the busier of the two.  His acting talents are stretched as he represents Sam Bell as a keen rookie, a wary old-timer and a debilitating invalid.  He covers all facets of Sam Bell’s personalities excellently and provides the movies real moments of tension.

The general feel of the movie is one of sterilised observation; I felt that, rather than be absorbed into the story, I was watching it from afar with no real connection or empathy towards those involved.  Nor, for a movie based upon a moon base occupied by one man and a computer does the atmosphere become claustrophobic or incarcerated due to the feeling of detachment.

The movie looks good though; as ridiculous as it sounds, the sets looked realistic (I have never seen a moon base) which did, at least, make this movie seem less fantastical than its subject matter might suggest.

A mention must also go to the poster for Moon which, in my opinion, is a work of art.

It’s an interesting movie, but so far detached that it might feel you leaving a little numb.

My Rating: 3/5


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