In rural France a family home is next to, almost upon, a derelict motorway.  Then, the motorway is finished an opened, leaving the family to try and cope with a motorway literally on their doorstep.

Although overlong, this movie is extremely intriguing and left me wondering what this was all about.  In some parts, it is standard fare:  for example, the family consists of: Fun dad, Fun (but a little bit loopy) mum, glamorous eldest daughter with a bad attitude, geeky middle daughter with self image issues and a cheeky youngest son.

The family thoroughly embraces the bizarre location of the family home; the film opens upon a roller-hockey match on the abandoned motorway; they watch very little TV and when they do it is outside.

However, once the motorway work gets underway and the motorway opens, their idyllic life is shattered.

The family begins to breakdown dramatically, as they attempt to ignore, defy and cope with the intrusive motorway.

The motorway seems to represent progress and the modern world.  And it sweeps aside anyone who wishes to resist it.  Perhaps it is an analogy of the modern civilised world, as the motorway also brings with it waste and pollution and, at some points, over-population.

The family are ultimately powerless to resist it and they go to extreme lengths to do so.  As a film it is mildly entertaining, but as a conversation starter and something to discuss, it is excellent.  The subject matter leads to much reflection long after the end credits roll.

My Rating: 3/5


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