Gran Torino

Potentially billed as Dirty Harry in retirement, this little movie packs a mean punch.  Eastwood plays a particularly unsympathetic old grouch who gets inadvertently sucked into the gang culture and violence that has gradually moved to his neighbourhood.  Eastwood claims this will be his last acting role and it’s a pretty good one to bow out on.  Although the constant “Grr-ing” to show how mean he is and the woeful end title song do him no favours.  It’s a pretty tight story, but the use of untrained actors in the other main roles lets the movie down badly.  We all know Eastwood likes to work quickly, but perhaps 6 months spent pre-production helping the other actors learn how to act would have elevated the film.  Overall, it does hit particular social points well and does get you thinking about how generational social attitudes shift.

My Rating: 3/5


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