Writer Recommends

Having been alerted to the advanced planning of Dawn of the Dad 2010 (see links) and his quandary over his first child’s movie viewing list, it made me think about a movie list that I would draw up if faced with a similar situation.

 Limiting it to child-friendly movies would be near impossible, so I expanded my thought process to this:

 We all have movies that we champion and we often feel like we champion them alone.  They rarely get featured in critics’ lists, box office lists and may even get featured in worst movie lists.  I will be presenting reviews of what I consider “hidden gems” and I also invite you to contribute.

 So, a new topic is born “Writer Recommends”, in which I will be presenting reviews of some of the movies that I think are fantastic and that you should see.  I’d like to think of them as hidden gems, but I’m realistic enough to know that many of the movies for which I feel I am the sole champion, will in fact be loved by many.  As we all know, when it comes to one person’s opinion of a movie, there is no right or wrong: even if we do still continue to debate that long into the night.

 If you have a “Writer Recommends” suggestion or want to send me a review to post, let me know.  I’m going to be totally autocratic, so I will make (hopefully, well informed) judgements on whether to post.

 Next Up: Writer Recommends #1: The Gambler


One response to “Writer Recommends

  1. Obviously this is the James Caan one and not the Kenny Rogers one, although that would be amusing. Thanks for the name check and looking forward to your upcoming choices.

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