Back to life, back to reality

Well, it’s been a while!  I’ve nearly had as much time off from the blog as I had in the USA.

There have been a few reasons for this.  Probably the biggest one is that it’s very difficult to write a travel blog when you’re not actually travelling anywhere.  So, I’ve had a rethink.

Now, I will be writing about anything that I want to, but to put it into some context, I am setting myself up as a freelance writer, writing scripts and reviewing anything that I watch.

The business “Profound Media Ltd” is very much in it’s infancy, but progress is being made and I expect to be contacting various editors with pitches for articles in the near future.  I do not expect to be making a living out of this venture for quite some time.

This week, I am starting a script writing course at the Broadway cinema in Nottingham.  This will give me new impetus with my various working drafts that I keep dipping in and out of.  The main aim is to make a short film next year.

As for reviews, I recently went to see Stevie Wonder, so that review is arriving on these pages shortly and I’m also going to write reviews of anything else that I watch and have the inclination to write about.  Expect plenty of TCM movie reviews for a start.

Back to reality:  I’m starting a new job in a week.  It’s an interesting oppportunity and will add some much needed structure to my day, as well as some much needed money and some much needed mental stimulus that will carry over into my outside work interests.

So, exciting times ahead…I hope!


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