*Spotted* Season Finale

Whilst waiting at LAX for the check in desk of New Zealand Airways to open, a familiar face walked in and joined the queue.  It was none other than Darren Huckerby!

I’ve been a Norwich City fan for about 20 years, so I was quite gob smacked to see him.  There were rumours that he would move to the MLS after being released by Norwich at the end of the season with Toronto thought to be his destination.

I was only “quite gob smacked”, so I went over to speak to him.  I introduced myself and told him I was a Norwich fan.  H told me of his imminent move to the MLS and the San Jose Earthquakes (I can mention it now the story is out officially!) and general chit-chat about Norwich, the MLS and the fact that I would have to get a new shirt (I was wearing an LA Galaxy Beckham t-shirt).

As much as I enjoyed meeting him, I thought I’d give both of us some space.  There was a lot of time between then and landing at Heathrow.  I bid him farewell and all the best for the future.

I suppose it’s no great coincidence that I then bumped into him at the baggage reclaim area and he asked me if I’d had a good flight.  We, again, went our separate ways to wait for our bags and his came through before mine.  However, when most people would get the bags and go, he came over to me and shook my hand, wishing me all the best before he left.

Without wanting to sound like Tim Nice But Dim, “What a bloody nice chap!”

I thought it was a fitting end to the *Spotted* section, but spotted wasn’t over!  In a not so spectacular *Spotted*, I saw John Sargent (BBC political fella and reporter on the One Show) at Kings Cross.

I heart Huckerby?!

I heart Huckerby?!


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  1. how happy you look

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