Homeward Bound

I returned the impostor to the car hire place – a measly 500 or so miles in that one.  Unfortunately, I left my TCB key ring with it too!

I stayed at the Marriott hotel at LAX.  They had some sort of big Jesus convention on or something, so it was full of priests and followers.

I found it amusing that, when the elevator came, a priest was in there and I asked him if he was going down.  He replied “No, up” and I thought to myself “of course”.  OK, you had to be there…or not.

The flight the following day passed without incident, except for a very special *Spotted* that I will post shortly.

Dean picked me up from Heathrow and the journey to his flat passed without incident, unless going the wrong way for an hour counts.

Of course, the whole point to my journey at this time was to get back to my parents’ in time to surprise my mum on her birthday.  I made it to Newark station at 2pm on the day and my mum arrived with my dad, under the impression they were there to pick up train timetables only to find me waiting.

Next up: the ultimate *Spotted*


2 responses to “Homeward Bound

  1. Just found this website. Will read it with interest. Have you now finished or are you on vacation hiatus and just visiting?

  2. Get the photo uploaded you lazy git

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