Wild Child at The Whisky-A-Go-Go

The Doors made their name at the Whisky on Sunset Blvd, so it was fitting that a Doors tribute band, Wild Child, were performing while I was staying in LA.  If the blog title doesn’t give it away, I’m a huge Doors fan, so this was as near as I am ever going to get to seeing the Doors…apart from the gig me and Gaz went to last year, where we saw Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger with their band.

Is there such a thing as cool hobo bohemian chic?  It’s what I thought when I stepped out og the cab on Sunset, funnily enough, at sunset.  There are a few bars, shops and restaurants and it was either the light or the free wine I enjoyed at the hotel that made me really like the place. 

The Whisky looks a little run down and that suits it perfectly.  There were already a few people waiting outside, so I wandered up the street to get a beer and maybe something to eat.

After a couple of beers and a huge bowl of pasta, I went back to join the queue of people filing in.  There, I met Susan.  She was in front of me in the queue and started talking to me.  So, I had a friend for the gig, which was nice.  Even though I have been travelling on my own for 3 months, it’s still nice to have some company when I’m out and about.  I later lost her in the crowd (it got really busy), but she helped pass the time until the band came on, as did other people around me who were all keen to talk Doors which was great.

I proudly declared my Ray Manzerek/Robbie Krieger gig attendance, only to be out done by a girl who saw not only them, but also John Densmore when they toured with Ian Astbury, as the 21st Century Doors.

When the band finally came on, the place was packed and the performance was eagerly anticipated.  It did not disappoint!

You had to squint pretty hard to convince yourself they looked like the Doors.  It actually seemed like only he lead singer was really putting in the effort to look like Jim Morrison.  He had the leather pants, the boots, the shirt and the necklace, even the hairstyle.  He also seemed to mimic Morrison’s stage poses and actions.  But, despite his efforts, he didn’t really look like him.  Which isn’t the point anyway is it?

They sounded like the Doors and they steamed through a set that covered all of the hits and all of the fans favourites.  I think they did over 25 songs (the jack and coke has blurred my memory).  They were definitely on top of their game as musicians (the drummer was outstanding) and the singer, although not as rich in baritone as Morrison, hit the right notes and he seems to have perfected hi Morrison scream.  The crowd loved it.  I loved it.  It was great to see such a mixed crowd of Doors fans bouncing around and singing along in unbridled joy.

With the gig over and the crowd leaving, I decided to go into another bar where another band were just about to start.  Star Fucker – a band made up of people who played in other bands – I believe one of them was in Guns ‘n’ Roses.  They were crap.  I decided to call it a night and head home after considering a trip to the Viper Rooms, but deciding against it.  Technically, I did still see where River Phoenix died, as the cab went past the club and Phoenix did die on the pavement outside, I think.

And so it was with a bit of a headache I awoke on the 4th of July…


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