We got company…

Rob, my brother, has been here for a week now.  At first it was a little strange having some one around and to a degree it still is. 

I’m trying not to be condescending towards him, like I know more about America and how thing’s work.  Besides, half the fun is finding things out for yourself, like how unnerving it is for staff serving you n a restaurant to be so friendly.

I also have to remind myself that he is here.  Mainly, as I am used to wandering around on my own schedule and going wherever I please.  I have noticed that I have walked off without him a couple of times.  Thankfully, I haven’t driven off without him…yet.

I’m sure Rob has also noticed that I am set in my ways.  Like always having a cough sweet when I get in the car and taking photos whilst driving, even though he is right there beside me.

It is great to have some company, though.  I was coping with my own company and meeting people along the way, but it’s always nice to have some friendly company isn’t it?

I have noticed that the number of people trying to strike up a conversation with me has dropped.  I presume this to be because I’m usually on my own, so people feel like including me, whereas when you are with someone you are more likely to be left alone.  I think that makes sense?!

It could also be a California thing.  With me travelling so extensively, it’s very difficult to gauge any behaviour as American, as people seem to be different in different areas.  My guess is that an English accent is not so as uncommon as it was in, say, Montana.  Again, I think this makes sense?!

Anyway, our itinerary for Rob’s visit is San Francisco, Big Sur, LA, Vegas and back to LA for Rob’s flight home.  Quite a lot to fit in!

Next stop: HWY1 and Big Sur


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