Yellowstone and a change of plan…

I first tried to see Jackson Hole on the way, but the road was too muddy for me to risk it (insert your own Jackson hole joke).

So I got back on track and headed for Yellowstone National Park.  For the record, Yogi Bear lived in Jellystone with Boo-Boo and Ranger John Smith.

For a start, Yellowstone is huge.  I wanted to see Old Faithful, so I made a bee line for that.  Along the way I passed yet more breathtaking scenery (photos to follow soon).

It’s really quite strange to see steam rising from the ground when there is snow elsewhere.  The buffalo seem to like it up there.  There were a lot of them dotted about and at Old Faithful itself, there were great huge dollops of buffalo poo everywhere.  I wonder if they cosy up to the warm ground at night.

There’s a visitors centre and lodge built up around Old Faithful and there were already plenty of people sat on benches around the perimeter waiting for it to blow.  I began walking the circumference of the geyser.  About halfway round, the crowd started to get excited so I waited for the geyser to blow.  I recorded it, so I will post the video when I get chance.

It’s pretty good and last for ages.  I’d seen geysers in Iceland, so the eggy smell was not a surprise to me.

There’s much more there than Old Faithful.  There are fields of steam and various springs.  Some deep bright blue pools all making for an out of this world landscape.

Outside of the visitors centre are some of the best views and there are many hot springs by the roadside.

I’d been on the road for hours, so I headed west out of the park and stayed at the first place I saw.

It turned out to be West Yellowstone and after a really good Italian meal (still veggie!) I went to a bar called Strozzi’s for a few beers.  I got chatting to a few people there and had a nice night.  Nothing too heavy, as I’d decided to take on yet more driving.

I decided to go to Seattle and drive down the West Coast from there.  I had a nice steady drive West and I’m now about 300 miles from Seattle, so I will be there later today.  My luck has changed, as there is a film festival in full swing in Seattle, so hopefully I will be able to get into a few screenings.


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