Wicky Wah, Wicky, Wild, Wild West

Maybe I’m easily impressed.  After all, the flat farmland of Iowa looked good to me.

The Sandhills were impressive too, but the Badlands of South Dakota were something else.  Within the Badlands National Park there are so many different types of scenery, it’s almost unreal.  What makes it more impressive is the fact that each area, once you’re in it, expands as far as the horizon.  So, if you passed through one section of the park, you could be forgiven for thinking it was all like that.

I took the loop road within the park.  I completed it in a few hours, but to do it properly and stop at the many designated viewpoints would take you almost a full day.

I took so many photos and videos (these will wait until my editing improves) in an effort to try and capture what I was seeing.  I’ll publish the photos soon.

So, having spent a considerable amount of time in the Badlands, I also went to Deadwood.  If you have seen the tv show, then, as you might expect, it’s not the same.  Deadwood should really be a ghost town, but the townsfolk managed to arrange for legal gambling in the town, so it still remains.  Every saloon and hotel, and there are many, have slot machines.  I looked around there at about 10am (before Badlands) and there were several people drinking beer and gambling…fair do’s.

There was, however, a free museum on the edge of town which featured a whole host of artefacts from Deadwood’s history.  I walked the original cobbles of Deadwood, saw the Deadwood stage complete with bullet holes, several makes of gun used through the years and so much more.  All of the time being talked through it by one of the guys who look after the place.  He reminded me a lot of George C. Scott.

Interestingly, he was taken aback at my knowledge of the old west and I told him that it was all from movies and that I read a book on the old west once.  So taken aback was he that he thought that I must have been taught it at school.  “Erm, no.  We have our own history”.

It seems that American kids don’t get taught this part of their history.  So they do not know who Custer is or Billy the Kid – anything!

I think I worked out what it is about the wild west that fascinates me:  It’s the pioneering spirit of it all. 

Much like me today!


5 responses to “Wicky Wah, Wicky, Wild, Wild West

  1. Not exactly WestWorld then or the scene from National Lampoons Vacation then? Probably a good thing on both counts. Can’t wait to see your images.

  2. Deadwood not like the TV series? Very disappointing. Do the inhabitants at least spend all their time cussing and swearing like Ian McShane?

  3. No wonder they say the Western is dead as a film genre if they don’t even know their hertitage…not as if it was that long ago either!

  4. Were there any cussing and swearing antique shop owners? That would surely be McShane heaven.

  5. dave phillips

    Apparently, they did not swear in those days. Other than that, I was told the final series was the most authentic.

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