Easy Writer…?

OK, so it’s not very good, but they’ll get better…I think


3 responses to “Easy Writer…?

  1. Nice visuals – gives you a sense of the scope and vastness of your tour. Those falls look massive!

    Sure its jerky but almost gives it that nice Cine feel. What package did youput it together on and will you be doing any messages from places of interest to film?

  2. very paul greengrass just whatched [Bourne] last night but you have the edge over him. i feel quite seasick.

  3. dave phillips

    This video is just all the video I took with my camera in the first week or so. It covers NY to Niagara and back plus Miami.
    I put it together on the editor that came with the laptop.
    I think that because the camera is really for photos that it struggles to cope with the scenery, especially when moving.
    Let’s face it, widescreen cinemascope is the way to see America on film!
    I tried to capture a more 3 dimentional view than you get with photos by using the video function.

    I have no plans to do any pieces to camera, if that’s what you mean

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