On the Road Again…not much to write about…

I’m conscious that I’m posting a lot of photos and not much text, but that’s simply because I’m either driving or in a motel.

The scenery, although not captured as well as I’d like, speaks for itself and I don’t feel that I need to embelish them with words.

The Sandhills photos, which will follow this post cover a 5 hour drive on HWY-2.  The scenery was breathtaking.  Especially as much of the road runs alongside a freight train track.  When one of those huge trains appears alongside, it’s fantastic.  As I could see it winding it’s way through the rolling hills and plains, much as I was in my little car.


3 responses to “On the Road Again…not much to write about…

  1. Obviously you have a nice red car like the movie but have you had any just been you on the road moments like Duel – reminded me about it when you spoke about the freight trains – I of course don’t mean has any tried to run you off the road in your truck.

    Was watching that Dave Gorman documentary the other day again – have you caught it yet – where he only uses independent hotels and gas stations etc. Have you used many one man band/ family owned businesses and have you noticed much difference to the welcome you get, even if only at a gas station?

  2. dave phillips

    If you motion for the driver of a train or a truck to sound their horn, the usually do – I’ve used this sparingly in case it also doubles for some homosexual code like Pacino having a yellow hanky hanging out of his back pocket in Cruising.

    Brought the Dave Gorman film with me to watch and watched it the other day. I’ve been giving money to the man mostly, but I’ve found that although the label says “the man”, the people running the gas stations are locals with just as much character.

  3. No displays of snakes at gas stations yet I take it though?

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