How would you end this sentence?


7 responses to “How would you end this sentence?

  1. gonna need a bigga boat

    Talking of which are you likely to be sailing by ‘Amity’ AKA Martha’s Vinyard on your travels?

  2. dave phillips

    I’ve missed my chance with Martha’s Vineyard. As I won’t be revisiting the East Coast on this trip.

    Incidentally, the graffitti was on a bridge in Chicago. I hope it wasn’t a suicide note…and if it was, it was a crap one.

  3. a really shit Michael Keaton film written by the bloke who wrote Ghost and Jacobs Ladder.

  4. The criminal was about to say ‘My Life is now free of crime’ and become a do-gooder – when a burly Chicago cop nabbed him before he could finish.

  5. the complete lyrics to the james blunt song ‘…beautiful’ getting progressively smaller until they wrap around a fresh dog turd on a pavement (erm… I mean sidewalk) several metres away

  6. My life is different too. I’m now working in York (not New York) and looking at your pics, thinking why couldn’t I do that. Apart from not having the money to do that and not having your writing capability. However sampling the cafe’s along the way and giving my rating is more my cup of tea.
    Keep it up – it looks fun.
    p.s. sorry that we didn’t spot how unhappy you were last year.

  7. … an anagram of “I fly, me”.. which is what a mancunian pilot might say if he were to describe his job.

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