Driving into Chicago is reminiscent of Wacky Races, but there are moments that take your breath away.  These moments are when the skyline of Chicago becomes clear.  It’s awesome.  Much more spaced out than New York, but easily as diverse.  The canals that wind through the city make a huge difference.  Particularly when the sunlight hits them and the bright turquoise colour of the water becomes apparent.

I can’t even to begin to describe how friendly everybody is.  From the really nice lady, Shar (apologies if the spelling is wrong) and Chuck and his Geordie connections to the guy who sold me sneakers (!) in the Nike shop and, of course Rick and Marilyn without whom I wouldn’t even be here…in Chicago, that is.

On top of that, the city is beautiful.  Plenty of sunshine, apart from one day of rain and a full on presentation of why it’s called the windy city that made my room on the 39th floor sway, and the lake is so huge, I had to keep reminding myself that it is a lake and not the ocean.

Select photos to follow


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