Chicago Photos


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  1. So is it the windy city as they say?

    Obviously you’ve had quite a few escapades and visited a fair few states since your adventures began.

    I know you have kind of planned out where you are going but thought it might be interesting to reflect on some of the places you have been.

    How many states have you visited thus far?

    What does the state to days out there ratio work out at, bit like mph if you like?

    What is the state you have spent the least time in?

    What is the state you have spent the most time in?

    Clearly the whole adventure is one big long highlight but are there any real moments that stand out for you – anything that was better than you imagined?

    And anything that has been a bit average that has dissapointed?

    Has there been any one moment when it all suddenly clicked that your idea to bounce around the states was the right thing to do?

    Getting homesick yet? Anything from home – besides friends and family – that you are missing or longing to eat or smell etc?

  2. dave phillips

    Fucking hell, Chief! Couldn’t you have spaced these questions out over a few days?

    For a start, I’m not going to do the maths for you, but it’s pretty easy:

    I’ve been away 33 days and been in 16 states and 2 countries.

    I think I’ve spent the most time in Florida and most of the others have just ben driven through, so I’m not sure.

    I’m not sure about highlights or lowlights either, as much of them depend on my state of mind.
    E.g. I didn’t enjoy New York much, but I think that was due to me only just having left home.

    The train rides were miles better then I had expected and I recommend anybody to do NY to Niagara if they get the chance.

    I miss cooking a lot. I was getting really into it before I left. The food I miss is the Sunday dinner thing (mainly my huge yorky puds!). I know it’s pretty obvious, but that’s the only thing I’ve thought of. Of course, the company often makes the meal much more memorable, so I draw on the memories of various meals I had with loved ones before I embarked on this adventure.

    Chicago is very windy. So much so, my 39th floor room swayed about a bit!

    And when I’m travelling to good music and looking at scenery or anything that is new to me, that is when I know I’m doing the right thing.

    Plus, I’m not changing (I don’t think), but I am gaining much more of an understanding of myself – if that makes any sense?!


  3. I promise to spread my questions out next time. 16 states – mighty impressive even if it is only passing through.

    I know that San Fran is on your future to do list. Would highly rec booking Alcatraz before you get there as it can often be booked up four or five days in advance.

    Also on the LA front obviously would rec Universal Studios for the obvious – this was also where we got free guaranteed tickets for Jay Leno – catch him whilst you can as Conan O’Brien will be stepping behind his desk next year.

    Also the one thing we wished we had done was the Warner Bros behind the scenes tour – perhaps next time. This isn’t open to all and sundry like Universal so really does take you onto various sets being used etc.

    So where will the wind be taking you next?

    Also whilst I think on is there a Norwich stateside?

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