Palm and Tarot Conclusions!

Were the readings accurate?

Who knows?

Certainly the palm reading made much more specific comments that I could identify with. Although, some required a bit of poetic license to connect with, like my business nowse. The palm reading was very interesting, moreso because it is based on something that is unique to each person, whereas tarot cards do have a tendency to remind me of magic tricks, which makes me especially sceptical. But you could argue that the personality traits picked out are common amongst a lot of people. I guess it sort of comes down to whether you want to believe. I have to say there were a few moments when I had to stifle my amazement at what I perceived to be accurate comments. In particular over thinking my luck, which is something that I definitely do.

The tarot cards brought up something that I must have internalised so much that I can’t think what it is. Of course, there are things that I could attribute it to, but they honestly don’t now feel significant to still bother me. Unless it’s something way out there like Angel Heart! The change in my life was accurate. I had made certain that I gave Zarg as little information as possible and, to be fair, some of it seemed to be on the money.

It did make me look into the origins of each of the readings and provided an interesting experience, as to whether I follow it up again? Apparently, people’s hands change every 5 years, so I’ll let you know in 2013.


2 responses to “Palm and Tarot Conclusions!

  1. So percentage wise what hit rate would you give Mr Zarg?

    Have you done this before – if so how did it compare?

    I guess he is the other end of the spectrum to the lifecoach as they are saying your future is already shaped whereas with the lifecoach you get to shape your future.

    Obviously am not asking specifics but on the – as you mentioned – five years from now front were the end results of the lifecoach and Zarg broadly the same?

    Sarah and Missy say hi

  2. dave phillips

    Never done it before.

    I’d say about 75% accurate. Some of it was so specific, I found it a little creepy and astounding, but I’m not sure whether I inadvertantly ended up going along with the whole thing.

    Life coach vs Zarg…there’s only one way to decide…FIGHT!!

    Ultimately fate is in your own hands. I still believe in luck and I still believe in karma. But, I honestly feel that you can affect both. Pretty crazy! I’m usually the most cynical person!

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