Top 5 Roadkill

I’ve now covered over 2,000 miles in the car with no name, so I’ve composed a top 5 roadkill list:

Special mention goes to the peacock that did not make the list, but almost had s severe tail feather trim courtesy of the car with no name!

And also to the numerous things I’ve seen, but would have to bring in Quincy to identify.

5)  Deer – I’ve only seen one, but it was massive!

4)  Coyotes/Foxes – Seen a lot of them scattered about, literally.

3)  Turtles – More popular in the Southern states, particularly Florida.

2)  Armadillos – Loads of ’em.

1)  Racoons – usually on their backs, legs in the air.  At least 20 so far! 


3 responses to “Top 5 Roadkill

  1. dave phillips

    I should also mention that I have not hit anything yet…and I hope I don’t

  2. Is the car an automatic? What would you say is the main difference between driving a car in the US – handling and all that – compared to the UK – obviously on the opp side of the road is a given.

    Visited many off the beaten track gas stations?

    Checked that Dave Gorman doc out yet?

  3. Mmmmm Road kill!

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