Tarot Reading Results!

I shuffled the pack of cards, as much as I wanted and I cut the pack as many times as I wanted and put them back together in the order of my choosing. I then spread the cards across the table and picked 15 cards that Zarg then placed in this formation on the table:




I can’t even begin to tell you the cards that I picked. The obvious one that I spotted was “death”, which, of course, does not mean my imminent death.

The cards revealed that there is an issue from my past that I have internalised and not dealt with. Perhaps the breakdown of a relationship or the loss of a loved one that I have never got over. Whatever it is, it is a matter of the heart. This issue is still affecting me today and it causes me to have some anxieties. For me to overcome this, I need to place the issue firmly in the past and not allow it to affect me.

I then chose a number between 1 and 10. I chose “9”. And Zarg counted out 9 cards 3 times and placed the 9th card each time on the each of the middle 3 cards in the formation.

I have recently made a change in my life and that is bringing joy back into my life. I have doubts about my own abilities, a lack of self belief, but I should believe. I am creative and that is what I love to be.

I then asked the cards 2 questions, but such is my tendency to overthink my luck, I’m not going to reveal what they were or what the answers were right now.


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