Speed Racer

At the IMAX theatre on Navy Pier, Chicago.  Cost: $15

WOW!  Maybe it was the 80ft screen, maybe it was the superb surround sound, but WOW!  That was some film!

It is visually stunning.  I thought that Sin City had pushed the boundaries and blurred the lines between genres, but this is something else.  I don’t know how quite to some it up.  How about technopsychadelic?!

It looks like a cartoon or a CGI movie, but it has the feel of live action, if that makes sense?  It has a glossy sheen and vibrant colours that I assume mirror the cartoon on which it is based.  I have very vague recollections of the cartoon; only a few signature moves and his outfits ring any bells with me…oh, and the monkey.

To match the look and feel there is a story adequate enough to engross you and it has an unrelenting pace that belies it’s 135 minute running time.

I don’t know if this is typical of American audiences, but the whoop and holler a bit and there was a round of applause at the end.  It is also reassuring to know that even in other countries, nay continents, I still get stuck behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Sideshow Bob – this time it was the latter.

The cast were excellent.  Emile Hirsch reminds me of a young Ewan McGregor.  Christina Ricci looked amazing and wasn’t in it enough for me.  Susan Sarandon seemed to be attempting to get her bosom into every shot – no complaints there.  Even the kid wasn’t too annoying.  My only reservation John Goodman as Pops.  His presence served to remind me of another cartoon / live action movie, The Flintstones, but maybe there are only a few big fat American actors about.  Actually, I have another reservation, but it’s more of a personal one; I don’t like seeing monkeys in human clothes.  Perhaps it’s due to those PG Tips adverts when I was a kid.

A final word then, or four: GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!


4 responses to “Speed Racer

  1. So will you be venturing to see Henry Jones Jr? Am sure the audience will really whoop and cheer…now that really will be an event movie.

    Must admit hadn’t fancied Speed Racer but might well give it a look.

  2. Certainly an eclectic series of reviews what with Speed Racer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Jersey Boys…clearly you are the new Paul Ross or Alan Frank.

    But seriously your reviews both manage to be fun and light but also offer interesting insights and opinion. Encore!

  3. Below is the review from Empire. Thought you might like to see what they had to say.


  4. dave phillips

    Rob (my brother) is coming over at the end of the mnth, so we will go and see it then. Really looking forward to that.

    Most reviews of Speed Racer say that it blows (god, do I sound american already?), but there seems to be a huge backlash from the way the Matrix petered out, so I’m not sure how objective they are.

    Paul Ross? My hero!

    As always, I’m just bumbling along doing what I do!

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