Palm Reading Results!

There was a lot of information to take in as he worked his way around my palm.

My life line is strong, but it has another line coming off of it that indicates a dietary change in the future. He suggested it could be diabetes and I should check my family history for it. “Great,” I thought, “he’s only just started and already he’s picking up a disease. Besides he could have just thought “overweight guy = diabetes”.

He moved on to therlines. One of them starts off fine then stops and then starts again. This break signifies that I was making my way in life well, but that stopped for a period of time and during that time something was lost, but it either has or soon will come back. I asked him what sort of a thing it could be that I’d lost and he simply said “joie de vivre”

My thumb says that I am generally lucky, but I over think my luck and pay too much attention to it.

My index finger says that I have a good business sense and that I would be successful in my own business, because I can deal with practical business issues, like doing the books. But I do not have the lines that may suggest that I would try to take on too much.

My middle finger shows that I have strong intelligence, although I have some lines that also show that I may not always use my intelligence. That I get easily distracted, bored or I have ditzy moments.

My third finger shows that I am independent and becoming moreso every day.

My little finger shows that I am very quick witted. Almost certainly too quick witted a lot of the time ad that there will be many times where my mouth will engagebefore my head stops it. But an ever so slight kink in it shows that I have a generally good balance of times when I say things that really needed to be said, even if it was something harsh. “You’re a really funny guy and that will bother some people and sometimes it bothers you too”.

The side of my hand, leading from my little finger to my wrist, shows that I will have 2 great loves in my life.

My wrist has lines that are called life extenders. He said that these indicate times where, because you love your life, your life becomes extended. He said that it looks like mine are only just starting to develop, which is good.


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