The origins of my itinerary

A quick mention of the comments I have received below, as the lovely couple that I met in Miami deserve a special mention:

“Hey Dave – We finally had a minute to connect to your blog since we first met at Adriana’s in Miami. We were thrilled to note your planned itinerary, but disappointed that you chose not to write about how it came to be. I think your readers would appreciate same.

One of the “good” things about the U.S., or at least most of it, is the friendliness of its citizenry. Our chance meeting at Adriana’s is a perfect example. Had we not struck-up a conversation between tables, as we each enjoyed great Peruvian fusion entrees, suffice to say you might be blogging from some remote cow town in west Texas.

Marilyn and I will continue to follow your journey. We are back in Chicago for the summer and do sincerely hope you will connect with us before you arrive in the city. As we told you in Miami, save for the winter weather, Chicago is one of America’s urban treasures. You will love it.

Best regards,
Rick and Marilyn”

Rick and Marilyn are absolutely right.  I had mentioned this in e-mails back home, and so I thought I had mentioned it in the blog too.  My mistake and apologies to you both, as it has proven to be a key moment on my trip.

It was a chance encounter and Rick made a special effort to write down all of the places I could visit on my trip.  Like he says, I otherwise would have ended up in the middle of nowhere.

The pages of notes from Rick have proven to be one of my prized posessions so far!  I’ll be sure to be in touch when I get nearby.  Thanks again for the making the time to help me out.



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