Tallahassee and the FSU graduation party

So, I was staying in a hotel just off the interstate and I had a drink in the hotel bar.  A guy had gotten himself locked out on the terrace, so I let him in.  We got talking (my accent is a great conversation starter) and I joined him and his wife outside for a drink.

A few drinks later and Scott R. Poniewaz, President of Professional Communications Systems, Menomonee Falls, were best buddies.

He was in town with his family to celebrate his daughter’s graduation from Florida State University Law school.  I didn’t even realise I was still in Florida (Tallahassee is the capital of Florida)!  Anyway, they were going to have some post graduation drinks at a bar in town that had been set aside for all of the graduates.  Scott originally wasn’t going to go, but he said that he would go, so that I could go too!

I’m never one to turn down a party, so we got in a cab and motored over there.  We were unfashionably early, but the crowds soon poured in.  I spoke to a lot of really cool people and met some of Scott’s family who were all great.

I had a lot of fun.  There are no real incidents to speak of, but it was nice impromptu thing that happened.  I think that it’s great that in days like these, there are still people with the kindness and generosity to involve some British guy they’ve just met in a celebration like that! 


One response to “Tallahassee and the FSU graduation party

  1. Certainly you appear to be part Dave Gorman and part Zelig – it would have been unfair to say Forrest Gump as you are a snapier dresser.

    Does that mean you have ended up in lots of other people’s photos? Also will any of these photos be making it onto your blog?

    Of course some of the people you met could be the future famous what with Jim Morrison (which I am sure you knew), the late Robert Urich (Spenser, no longer for hire) and Burt Reynolds all being former students there…not at the same time obviously.

    Does this now mean that FSU will now be tuning into your exploits? Found the below out on Wikipedia – you should see if you can get any coverage. They might be interested. If these aren’t then I guess other Unis will have sim setups on your travels.


    FSU radio and television logoThe campus newspaper, the FSView & Florida Flambeau, publishes weekly during the summer and semiweekly on Mondays and Thursdays during the school year following the academic calendar. (No issues are published during Spring Break or Winter Break.) After changing hands three times in 13 years, the FSView was sold to the Tallahassee Democrat in late July 2006, making it part of the Gannett chain.[100] This exchange was allowed because the FSView had been for a long time a for-profit business that was not legally associated with Florida State University. Since most collegiate newspapers are supported by their colleges, this was also among the very first time that a major corporation acquired a college newspaper. (Gannett had acquired the local Tallahassee paper, The Democrat in the few years preceding the acquisition of the FSView.)

    FSView also produces Edge Magazine, geared towards students, advertisements for local establishments, and a “Tally Girl” model. Florida State University, through its Broadcast Center, operates two television stations, WFSU and WFSG,[101] and three radio stations, WFSU-FM, WFSQ-FM and WFSW-FM.[102] FSU operates a fourth radio station, WVFS (V89, “The Voice”, or “The Voice of Florida State”), as an on-campus instructional radio station staffed by student and community volunteers.[103] WVFS broadcasts experimental music as an alternative to regular radio.

    hope some of this proves useful and even of interest. Hendricks hasn’t got those closed beach signs up so I’m just off to sort him out, just hope he let Polly do the printing as I asked.

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