Not quite stuck inside Mobile, Alabama…

…I’m in Tallahassee…

I’ve stopped off for the night, having driven up from Key Largo this morning.  About 550 miles in about 8 hours.

I’ve already formed a strong bond wih both the car and the woman who provides the voice on the sat nav system.  She already seems to get pissed off if I go wrong.  I think it’s the way she is so deliberate about how she says “make a U-turn”.

I got to know them both when I drove down to Key West yesterday.  I have yet to name either the car or the sat nav tho…

The journey was ok, the everglades and coast made way for farmland or forests, but it was pretty interesting. 

The motel I’m in has intermittent internet access, hence the hastiness of my posts.  Photos of the everglades and other interesting things to follow once I’m settled in New Orleans.


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