Assignment: Miami Beach

Once more unto the beach...  Pleasantly, I have spent the last few days relaxing by the pool or on the beach in bright sunshine and temps of 30C+. 

  I’ve let myself down a bit, by not really exploring the place much, other than a huge walk from my hotel to South Beach and back.  The art deco architecture of South Beach seems a little jaded.  Walking along Ocean Drive, it seems like everyone is: famous, thinks they’re famous, wants to be famous, is there to spot the famous or is homeless.

Perhaps it’s the location of my hotel that has put paid to my exploring.  I’m a good taxi ride from South Beach (that walk is not one to be done often) and, although there are things to do nearby (in particular an excellent Peruvian fusion restaurant called Adriana’s), the lure of poolside sunbathing and watching the NBA play-offs in my room have been too great.

Tomorrow, I’m going on a tour of the everglades.  I’ll be sure to check that Tee-Hee (“Butterhook”) is not my tour guide before entering the alligator farm.  And I also hope that none of the other tourists think that I’m the kid out of Gentle Ben, all growed up…


2 responses to “Assignment: Miami Beach

  1. Nice Police Academy pun in the title!Enjoy ‘Gentle Ben’ country.

  2. Doubt very much Clint Howard (Richard Cunningham’s brother don’t you know) would have looked good as my Best Man.

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