…although the overall appearance of my blog is a template, the whole picture (Sambuca cafe, etc) was happened across by myself.  I had walked from eWorld Trade centre area across to the water and the ferries to Staten island, Liberty island, etc, but continued to walk until I reached an area somewhere near Manhattan Bridge that seemed like a hang out joint for crazy people (no offence).  I ducked out of the way and wandered through China town (there are many slaughtered ducks here) and came across the very scene that is depicted across this blog…rather like other incidents, I did not have my camera, so please take my word for it!


2 responses to “Incidentally…

  1. Hi Dave

    Very much enjoying your excellent blog. A few questions have occurred to me though. How do you actually update your blog – are you lugging a laptop around? What were all the books that had to be left behind and have you missed them? And lastly, what happened to the so**ing swearing?

  2. Thanks, Guy.

    In answer to your questions:
    I am carrying a laptop with me. It’s been ok, so far. It’s especially easier when the hotel has wi-fi. Thankfully, this is more frequently the case these days.
    The books I have left behind are:
    Save the Cat – a book about screenplay writing.
    Mike Hammer Omnibus, Mickey Spillane.
    The Little Sister, Raymond Chandler.
    I’ve been so busy thaat I have not missed the books at all. I have even bought a magazine, the Source and occaisionally pick up newspapers, yet do not have the time, or perhaps the inclination, to read them.
    Lastly, Swearing was not intended for publishing just yet. I meant to save it as a draft only, but pressed the wrong button and did not realise until my next visit to the blog. D’Oh!

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