D is for Departure…

…or deported.

I leave in 2 days.  Naturally, I’m nervous, although I think I have everything that I need packed and so I’m pretty much ready to go.

By way of a last hearty meal, I’m going for an English traditional meal…that’s right: curry.

I had a great meal at my old housemates house last night, a lovely beef stew.  Now that really was a traditional meal!

Sticking woth the meal theme, I was thinking I’ll celebrate getting into NY with a hot dog.  Although after a long flight and an interrorgation by immigration, I might not be able to stomach it.

This entry is a short one, as the real adventure starts tomorrow.  Of course, the adventure could end immediately if I get turned away at NY.  This is by now by far my biggest worry, but I’ve done all that I can to prepare and it’s a healthy worry to occupy my mind (if there is such a thing as a healthy worry!).

Hopefully my next entry will be from NY. 

To all those that have helped me get this far, I thank you.

Wish me luck!


2 responses to “D is for Departure…

  1. Good luck Dave!

    Hope it all goes well on arrival.

  2. Good Luck with the hot dog

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