A Mid-life crisis at 32?

So, it’s a bit of background that you need, isn’t it?  My name is Dave, I’m 32 and I have just jacked in my job as a Business Analyst in the IT industry to do a bit of travelling.  I’m starting in the USA:  New York, Miami & California.  Then down into Mexico…I’m not sure where just yet.  If it all sounds a bit vague, that’s because it is.  I’m gradually working out my itinerary for the first 3 months (my 90 day visa waiver period in the US), but I want to keep things pretty free-form, so I can do whatever I want.  I’ve spent my entire working life either not making choices or choosing from a couple of options that are both staggeringly similar and it’s time for a change.  I’ve decided that if I’m going to f**k up my life I may as well be the architect of my own downfall…although I’m sure I’ll still find someone else to blame if it all goes horribly wrong.

I’ve also decided (see this making my own decisions thing is working already) that I’ll write about where I go and what I do and see.  There are a few reasons for this:

a)       I fancy myself as a bit of a writer

b)       It will give me something to fill my days…I don’t want to resort to drinking myself to death in various bars across the world, no matter how appealing that sounds

c)       It’s a lazy man’s way of writing a book.  I blog as often as I can and when I return to blighty, hey presto, download it all and I have a book to e-publish because no publishing house in their right mind would give me a book deal.

d)       My memory is terrible.  If all else fails I’ll have a journal of my experiences to remind me in my twilight years.  Shouldn’t everyone write an autobiography, even if it’s just for themselves to read? 

Now, I’m certainly not claiming to be the finished article as far as writing, or anything else, goes.  I have no journalistic experience other than as an assistant editor on a free paper in Nottingham for a week.  But, I’ll tell it like it is and hopefully find a voice that I’m comfortable with, as I go.  I’m a bit scared that I could be on a plane home after a week, but not as scared of staying in the same job and wondering “what if?” for the rest of my life.  I don’t know who it was that first said it, but it certainly rings true: “You only regret the things in life you haven’t done”.


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